Life changing time

The drawing is about one beautiful American woman who has the big luck to be loved by her man. He is always calling her: My Aphrodite ❤

210×300 mm (A4), white bristol, coloured pencils

If you would like to buy this drawing – contact me

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The news

My account on instagram, fortunately, is back and i Have 202k followers there. I’m very grateful for that.

I want to move to France for many years. Now it will happen. Very soon I suppose. I’m 51 now and I think it is the last moment to do it. I’m very excited and afraid in the same moment.

Now I live still in Poland, Zalesie Górne. My beloved dog passed away yesterday 😦

The time to say good bye to my other animals (I want to take one cat with me) and to my beautiful house.

I will open the new chapter in my life. Stay tuned

1 Comment

  1. I wish you all the best on your new adventure. Moving is a big step to undertake especially to a new country. Look forward to being able to follow you on your journey. Love Johannes.


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