This is my photographic project. I started to take selfies of my naked body when I had broken heart and I was no confident at all. I wanted to see if I’m still a woman. First I posted Instagram stories only but in September 2020 I created an account dedicated to photos of me. It was amazing to see how many followers want to see my body and how much love I received.

I’m 50 years old (51 in February 2021) and I practice ashtanga yoga. My body is 100% natural. I don’t use filters, photoshop nor make-up (I do make-up sometimes though).

Thanks to my followers my confidece came back and I’m happy again. Thank you for support.

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photo by Anna Olej-Kobus @

photo by Anna Olej-Kobus @
Beautiful souvenir from Greece ‘2020 :*
This picture was removed from @saffrounette because of instagram censorship.Enjoy it here 🙂